Self Directed IRA LLC's

Self Directed IRA LLC’s are designed to give you full control of your retirement funds. Giving you more options to invest in that provide higher rates of returns further growing your assets. Let Obsidian Wealth Management Guide you to growing your wealth!

Eliminate Volatility

Take control…

We believe with the Trillions of dollars stuck in 401ks and traditional IRA’s that there is no better time than NOW to take control of your funds and stop those measly small gains by getting a Self Directed IRA LLC in place so there’s checkbook control allowing you to invest in other assets such as Crypto, Real Estate, Precious metals and more. We can assist you in setting up your Wyoming based SD IRA LLC (Wyoming is the best state for zero crypto taxes and best for identity protection) and help you place your funds into various crypto partnership strategies that we provide. If you just want to hold your crypto that is ok, we can help you purchase the larger quantities of crypto and help you place it in cold storage with us if you choose where we can stake it and you make interest on it. Either way we have options and can help you take back control of your retirement and drastically grow it in a way that allows you to build a true legacy retirement you can be proud of.

The Review Process

Step 1:

We review your current retirement plan and figure out the best way to roll it over, this includes reviewing your taxes via tax planning strategies, asset protection and if its better to take some cash out (we typically do this but offset your tax liability to put into a leveraged TFRA to hedge all other investments providing you 100% risk free growth) while rolling over the remaining or if we need to do something different.

The right IRA Custodian

Step 2:

At this point once we have a strategy, we will begin to find you a IRA Custodian (one of our partners who allows SD IRA LLCS) as not all IRA custodians allow for Self Directed IRA LLC’s so they wont be getting your business. We look for the lowest fees, best service and those that allow for this type of strategy. We then refer you off to them to get your SD IRA setup while we start working on your WY based SD IRA LLC.

The Funding Process

Step 3:

Once we have your SD IRA setup and your SD IRA LLC and all agreements are signed, then your IRA shall by 100% shares of that LLC which for simplicity sakes is 100 shares in your SD IRA LLC giving your SD IRA (This can also be a SD ROTH IRA) full ownership of the SD IRA LLC. Your custodian acts on your behalf for SD IRA and handles the funds but you get full check book control of the LLC once your IRA buys the LLC shares and the custodian shall fund the amount you request (ALL OF IT) into the SD IRA LLC. Now you can invest your funds in a variety of things such as our partner Obsidian Capital Managements turn key Bitcoin Mining or Crypto AI Trading platform, Real Estate, Loans and more. For all Obsidian Capital Management options, that would require for you to get registered and pass KYC/AML. They Joint Venture with you giving you much larger profit shares than the large institutions do which might be 11%-15% returns.

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