A system for completely protecting your assets!

Is it really possible to make your assets bulletproof? Or keep them from creditors, lawsuits and goverment from obtaining or confiscating your assets? YES IT IS. Is it true you can do this in a tax sheltered environment? YES IT IS!

Asset Protection Planning & Trusts

Protect your Ass-ets

More than 60% of Americans don’t have a will or trust in place to protect their assets. Thats a large amount of people who have a huge bullseye sitting on their forehead. If you are a business owner and have a successful business but you dont have any asset planning you are at extreme risk of getting sued for many things, an employee screws up, you get into a wreck a family member hurts something or your business messes up. There are a million reasons how a lawsuit can be drafted. Have a business, well if your business goes under creditors can come after you and all your personal assets. If any of the above are you then its time to PROTECT YOUR ASSETS with the proper Asset Protection and Wealth Management in place. Here at Obsidian Wealth Management that’s exactly what we do!

True Flexibility

Full Customization of your Asset Protection & Wealth Management

We create custom tax & wealth planning based on your business needs. We do this based on your goals, if you are looking to sell your business in a few years or 5+ years down the road. We put proper protections in place to protect your assets from creditors and lawsuits. Every 14 seconds there is a lawsuit in the USA. EVERY 14 SECONDS. Business owners are roughly 45% more likely to get sued than a non business owner. We couple this with various tax planning to drastically improve your overall savings and wealth creation. We do this all while putting more dollars back into your pockets, whie helping you leverage other peoples money, infuse your business with capital and help you build cash flowing assets otherwise known as passive income.

The Utlimate Hedge In Your Portfolio

Utilize the best Hedge against deflating USD and other risky investments

What most investment portfolios don’t have is a safe, secure non volatile risk free investment that hedges all their other investments that continues to grow. We call this the hedge ninja because its working in the back ground year over year building you a secure, safe, double digit based return in an environment that continues to grow without all the risk resulting in drastic compounding growth.