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The Strategy of Hire Your Children to Work in Your Business

The Benefits and Power of hiring Your Children To Work For Your Business for virtually tax-free payouts is worth serious consideration. What could be better than cutting your annual tax liability using the IRS’s own tax codes? (Source: Publication 929 (2022), Tax...

How To Avoid Payroll Tax For Your Children

How To Avoid Payroll Tax For Your Children If Your Business Is An S Corp How Much Can You Pay Your Child Tax-Free? The new tax law has increased the amount from $6,300 to $12,950 (for 2022). So you may want to hire your child(ren) to work in your business. And you...

The History of 401(k)s

The History of 401Ks

Why the 401(k) is a horrible idea

Why the 401(k) is a horrible idea